Does Drinking Water Help Acne?

Does drinking water help acne? This is the commonest question for acne sufferers. Acne is a very common problem that affects millions of people all over the world. Every year billions of dollars are spent in an effort to try and get rid of these little annoying bumps. Most of that money is wasted because the products don’t work. Today, we are going to discuss about the myth of whether drinking water helps acne or not.

does drinking water help acne

Most of the time acne will come about during our adolescence years and then it will eventually go away. For the most part it is nothing to be concerned about. However, for many the problem will never go away and they will have to deal with it all throughout adulthood.

As you can imagine, this can be a very embarrassing thing to have to deal with. Most women will try to use make up to cover up the small little bumps. And while making up will cover it up, the problem is that make up will often times agitate the area and make things worse. So your only option is to do your research and read all the information you can in hopes of finding a solution.

Does Drinking Water Help Acne?

One of the solutions you might have heard of is that drinking water will help with acne. And while that sounds good, the million dollar question is does drinking water actually help with acne? Well that really depends on who you ask. Some say no, drinking water will not help with acne. So, does drinking water help acne?

They believe this is a myth that has floated around for many years and it is completely false. They say there is no scientific evidence proving that drinking more water will help with the prevention of acne.

For them a lack of water is not a contributing factor to the development of acne. Instead there are other contributing factors such as stress, genetics, digestive disorders, sebum production, infections and hormonal imbalances just to name a few. All of these things can lead to serious acne breakouts.

One the other hand you have those who believe that drinking water does help with acne problems. They believe that drinking water helps to flush out the toxins in our skin that can often times lead to acne build up. If you don’t drink enough water your skin can dry out and that can eventually lead to acne.

Dry skin is more likely to develop acne then skin that is moist and hydrated. That’s why it is recommended that you drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

When it boils down to it every individual is different. Drinking water may or may not help with your acne. The only way you will know is if you try it out for yourself. Set aside 7 to 14 days where you can increase your water intake and judge whether or not it works.

If you don’t like the taste of plain water, you can add lemon or honey to give it a little flavour. Overall, water is very good for you. Your body needs it to function and operate and optimum levels. And if it happens to also help with acne then you have just found yourself a very affordable solution.

In conclusion, does drinking water help acne? I hope that you manage to come out with an answer on your mind after reading this article. To solve your acne problem, you may read more at Acne No More Ebook.

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